The Fire Management Research Network (FMRM) is an online platform for sharing knowledge & ideas on fire management in South Africa.

Aim of the


The Fire Management Research Network (FMRM) is an online platform on the Working On Fire website (www.wofire.co.za) for the purpose of sharing knowledge and ideas on fire management in South Africa.

The Network aims to foster collaborative efforts in fire management across South Africa and will provide researchers, scientists and students in this field with a platform to interact, exchange and share their work.

Very often researchers pursue their work in isolation from fire managers, hence limiting the impact of their work.

This Network’s objective is to bridge the gap between applied management and academic work.

Essentially the Network aims to serve as a link, contact and support for the South African, African and international fire management community and researchers.

Why a

Fire Management Network?

Fire has been part of mankind almost since the appearance of burnable fuel provided by terrestrial plants.

It is a crucial element in many ecosystems. However, through the disruption of natural-fire regimes caused by human activities and, more recently, the effects of climate change, fire is now one of the most significant challenges in environmental conservation.

Today, fire presents a risk to society in many areas, damaging infrastructure and threatening human lives, both directly and indirectly, through the effects of smoke.

Particularly vulnerable in this context is the wildland–urban interface of cities in fire-prone areas, where the size and population of these areas has increased over the last decades. In addition, wildfires cause the release of greenhouse-gas emissions and exacerbate climate change.

Learning networks introduce fire managers and decision-makers to the best available science and management options through exchanges of knowledge, ideas and information.

Fire management is not only limited to fire suppression but also includes activities like fuel load reduction, fire education and awareness and prescribed burning.

This Network will be the first of its kind in South Africa and on the continent.